The Sacred Festival – Guru Nanak Jayanthi

By | November 18, 2012

Guru Nanak Jayanthi is a very famous festival in India, which marks the birthday of Guru Nanak that is the first Guru of the Sikhs. Hence, this festival is very special among Sikhs. However, the festival is celebrated equally by all the followers of Guru Nanak.

Know more about Sikh Gurus:

The celebrations among Sikhs are connected to the anniversaries of Gurus. There are 10 Gurus that were the founders of the religion. They shaped the beliefs of the religion. Hence, their birth anniversaries are celebrated. On these sacred days, Sikhs take part in several occasions like prayer and other celebrations.

The first Sikh Guru that is the founder of the religion was born in the year 1469. The day comes on Karthik Poornima, which means the day that has full moon. This comes in the month of November. However, the exact date varies every year and this is dependent on the Indian calendar.

The festival and celebrations:

This festival is greatly celebrated among Sikhs. This celebration of the festival commences with morning possessions, which start at Gurudvaras and then the group of people proceed to the nearby localities and they sing hymns. Two days before this auspicious day, the holy book is read among Sikhs and this is done on a non-stop basis in Gurudvaras.

On the day before the birthday, a procession is organised, which is called Nagarkirtan. This is led by five people called Panj Pyaras and they carry a flag that signifies the religion and they also hold a palanquin of Guru. These five leaders are followed by a group of singers who sing the hymns and a group of devotees who sing it along in chorus. There will also be a band playing in the background to make the hymns even more beautiful. A team displays a number of traditional weapons through mock battles and martial arts. The entire possession is a must see with beautiful decorations with flowers and banners spreading the spiritual messages of Guru Nanak. Now, it would be a delightful experience to take part in such a possession. Wouldn’t it?

The main celebration:

Now comes the main day of celebration, i.e., on the birthday of Guru Nanak. On this day celebrations start right from 4am to 5am in the morning. This time is referred to as Amrit Vela. The day starts with beautiful morning hymns. This is then followed by reading of different scripture and singing hymns so as to praise Guru Nanak. This is then followed by a grand community lunch known as Langar, which is volunteered at Gurudvaras organised by volunteers. This is to show the feel of oneness, despite class, creed and caste. It is offered to people as a service and devotion.

Nights have generally more prayers that are again held in Gurudvaras. These prayers begin in the evening around sunset and special prayers are chanted. This is later followed by keertans in the night where devotees sing beautiful devotional songs. At around 1:20am in the night the devotees sing Gurbani and this is the time when Guru Nanak was born. These celebrations will end at 2am in the night.

This festival is celebrated with great devotion and happiness in India. People also interchange gifts among one another during this festival like sweets, dry fruits, ek onkar products that include gold, silver, bronze, etc. The most common ways is the exchange of flowers, which is considered auspicious.

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