Decoration with flowers at destination marriages

The concept of destination marriage has become really common for Indian couples. In the recent trend, the couple wishes to celebrate their marriage in one of the exciting destination such as beach, hill station or a resort. Even if you are willing to go ahead with destination marriage, there are decorators in the market who […]

Buying and Selling Flowers In India

Flowers these days are cultivated for commercial purposes. They are sent for export as well as sold for commercial reasons. With technology it is not just the neighbourhood florist who keeps cut flowers; the internet does the same for you. In fact, with an online shop, you can send flowers anywhere across the world from […]

Flower In Baby Shower

Baby shower is a wonderful occasion for the new born baby as well as their parents. Especially mothers are really concerned about the decoration and perfection of the party. You can now call up online flowering boutique to supply you with the fresh flowers in the baby shower party. The right choice of flower is […]

Floral Designs for Every Celebration of Life

Flower is considered one of the most invaluable God’s creations, which is known for its immense beauty. Since ancient civilization, human beings have been closely attached to different types of natural and impressive looking flowers. In those days, flowers were used to decorate your homes, temples, or others place for a simple fact that had […]

A Flower For Every Day Grow Of June

June is the month for irises, but there are so many of the large- flowered June irises that it is difficult to know when to stop. Every year more and more are produced, each one lovelier than anything we had imagined, so what are we to do? I, for one, can’t scrap all my old […]

The Floral Proportion to Surroundings

The floral design must suit the intended placement in its surroundings. The arrangement should fit the area in size and in shape, as well as in style. Imagine a massive wooden table with a petite rose arrangement placed on top of it. The size of the table would overpower the arrangement, diminishing its visual impact. […]

The Floral Or Leaf Bud Cuttings

Many plants cannot be propagated by leaves alone. One option is to take leaf-bud cuttings. Leaf-bud cuttings are composed of the leaf blade, the petiole, a bud at the base of the petiole, and a portion of the stem. The leaf provides the energy for the development of roots. The roots sprout from the stem […]

The Designing with Everlasting Flowers

Plant materials that can be successfully dried or preserved are called dried flowers or everlasting plant materials. Silk or other manufactured flowers are also everlasting materials. Everlasting flowers or “everlastings” are very long lasting, but do not really last forever. However, the term everlasting emphasizes the fact that these preserved or manufactured materials will continue […]

Flower Gifts – An Everlasting Charm – A Unique Gifts

A gift is a present wrapped with affection and love, which is given to any person on any special occasion or event. Gifts given to any person carry special meaning and sometimes heartfelt gratitude for some person. On various occasions like birthdays, marriage ceremonies, thanksgiving, festivals and other different events, gifts are given to relatives, […]

Friendship day- Surprise your friend

India is a country with diversification in culture and religion. Residents of India are fond of celebrating various festive days such as Valentine’s Day, rose day, friendship day, chocolate day, etc. Indians are happy to celebrate the friendship day every year. Youths in India are caught with the noble idea of impressing their friends on […]