Friendship day- Surprise your friend

By | August 19, 2012

India is a country with diversification in culture and religion. Residents of India are fond of celebrating various festive days such as Valentine’s Day, rose day, friendship day, chocolate day, etc. Indians are happy to celebrate the friendship day every year. Youths in India are caught with the noble idea of impressing their friends on this particular day. Students from school, colleges and universities have a craze to celebrate this occasion.

A single day dedicated to friends

Friendship day is also dedicated for the best friend or special friend of an individual. Some youths celebrate the whole day along with their friends. Girls generally sit at a silent place and recollect all memories which they have shared with one another. For many individuals, a cup of tea at their favourite tea junction with snacks is a type of celebration at friendship day. There are many friends who need to get separated from one another due to geographical distance between them. Those friends are connected on this day through a phone call. Various social networking sites have provided ample scope for friends to get connected on a friendship day. You can now send special message with an e-card to wish your distant friend.

Importance of friendship day

Some people are even not aware of the friendship day, but celebrate the day with their friends. In our lives, friends are really very important. Can you imagine a life without a friend? Even if we cannot share some feeling with our parents, friends are always there to listen to us. Whenever we are in difficulty, friends provide us with a proper guidance. Once we are over with our school days, friends outside the school reminds us about our small and heart touching memories. You might lead a very aristocratic life with your professional colleges, but life at school will always remind you about your innocent activities.

Friendship day is really important in the life of all individuals who are actually having friends. This is the perfect day to show gratitude for your friends who have gone through various hardship in order to make you smile. True friends should always be honoured for his or her deed. With a spirit of joy and happiness, friendship day can be celebrated with all your friends staying around you. It is also important to send a message to friends who are really far away from you.

Flowers for friendship day

For each special day, people will find a particular flower design. Flowers can be a wonderful gift for your friends on a friendship day. The official flower for friendship day is yellow rose. The symbolism of yellow rose is associated with joy, delight and a promise of good beginning. Thus, this particular variety of flower is considered a symbol of friendship. According to an expert, a yellow rose backed with red tip will indicate friends falling in love.

It has been a tradition in India to present a friend with yellow rose. During the friendship day, florist charge an extra rate for yellow rose since it is in a great demand. Even then people buy the yellow rose. It is just because price does not matter in front of friendship. A person regards friendship to be pure and very special. Especially this is a tradition followed by youths. Individuals studying in colleges are found to exchange flowers and chocolates during this special occasion. They want to make their friends really happy and joyous on this special day. You can definitely send yellow rose through an electronic card, but a fresh flower will be really providing a wonderful smile in the face of your best friend.

Chocolates for friendship day

A pleasing gift for many people is a bunch of chocolate. Especially if you have a female friend, chocolate will be a best gift to make her happy on the friendship day. Once your friends consume the chocolate gifted by you, his/ her mood will be really improved. There are millions of chocolate lovers in the nation. Thus, the stores and shops are getting a good sale of chocolates. You can also get chocolates at flower shops and gift shops. There can be any occasion or simply no occasion, but chocolate lovers will create an occasion to get a chocolate.

Friendship day ideas

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