Flowers make life colorful

By | November 2, 2012


It’s been a tradition since olden times to use flowers to express feelings and deliver messages.  Language of flowers is very powerful. It means differently for different occasions. Each color symbolizes different feelings and also based upon the pattern of flowers, the message changes. Lots of research does convey the message that flowers spread pleasure and ecstasy. It influences the mental sense of humans to a large extent. It acts like a natural room freshener from its fragrance.

Some of the occasions where gifting flowers can mean a lot are:

Wedding chimes and anniversaries

Planning for wedding is an extensive and tedious work.  When it’s once in lifetime, people are very specific with the arrangements, place, ambiance, etc. Flowers play a vital part in the decorating for the occasion. People prefer theme based weddings. Therefore, flower should match with the theme, season, color code, dress, etc. Indian bride prefers different hair styles with scented flowers to look beautiful and traditional. The entire hall is decorated with flowers and also presented to the guest as a return gift. Flower has the same importance with anniversary celebrations. Gifting flowers spread happiness. It helps in keeping the relationship sparkling and lively. They are the best present to the bride and groom when it becomes difficult on deciding what to present them.

Father’s day and Mother’s day:

Parents teach their child what is good and bad. They teach to love, be independent, to be strong. In short, they shape the child’s character. A child will not be able to pay back completely for the deeds parents do and sacrifice for their child, but a small gratitude will add value. Hence, father’s day and mother’s day are celebrated as a tribute to be thankful. Simple flower coveys a lot of message and can cause a change by bringing joy. A bouquet with flowers is the uttermost form of respect to elders.

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  1. Maricel

    What do you mean “not appropriately genedr-themed”? Men love beauty too, and that especially includes flowers.Next time a male friend is very sick, send him some flowers. You’ll be surprised maybe at their reception :-) Men LOVE to get flowers.

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