Flowers and birds form an inseparable duo

By | November 10, 2012

The relationships between birds and flowers have derived from ages and they form an inseparable duo.  Flowers are the most distinct creation of nature and rightly so because of the variation in spectrum they exhibit. Flowers are built to possess fragrances, colors, textures and shapes. The very basic objective behind a flower looking attractive is to attract insects and birds which would help them in pollination. Flowers have indigenous roles to play in all our lives. Flowers are used for various occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, spiritual ceremonies or even to express love. 

On the other hand, birds are the next most creative species that can be found in the universe. Birds might vary from being vegan to carnivore. They also have some of the creative and attractive patterns. They are built to camouflage with the surrounding and environment to be better predators. However, some birds only feed on pollen from flowers such as humming bird. It is the primary source of food. Also, birds and insects help flowers to reproduce by pollination and helping them grow into either vegetables or fruits. Birds take the most important place in the food chain of the overall eco system life cycle.

Newspaper articles

One of the leading magazines for flora had published the importance of flowers in our habitat. Alongside, publishing its effect on the eco system and the niche it provides for other species to dwell on. It says, flowers and birds are the most interconnected form of life and possess an amazing connection in our universe. Another article talks about benefits about being surrounded with flowers for different occasion and the message it delivers.

Advantages mentioned in articles

  •   Flowers reduce stress and bring peace to our lives.
  • Flowers are proven to have medicinal values from ancient ages.
  •   They are known to drive positive energies in our souls.
  •   Flowers are considered auspicious and divine to be used for a spiritual ceremony.
  •  Flowers are catalyst for expressing love.
  •   Flowers amalgamate in our lives to enrich the serenity.

These were a few of advantages that were mentioned in one of the leading magazines. They are completely acceptable be people of our society. Vivid species of flowers indeed form an integral class in itself.  Almost every alternate newspaper would have a section dedicated for flora, especially flowers and its importance. Most of the people are moving towards a greener city and planting flowers are the first step in this process.


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