Flora And Designer Basket Arrangements

By | August 3, 2013

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The triangular shape arrangement is a very popular arrangement that you will find in most of the functions you visit. When the flowers are arranged in a triangular fashion they look very appealing. They are placed on the buffet table or in the side station. This type of arrangement is found commonly in ceremonies.

Artistic curiosity

The crescent is asymmetrical and formal. Although symmetry looks attractive, sometimes you find asymmetry very artistic. So it goes without saying that this arrangement requires a lot of skill and artistic edge to master. Very few florists have mastery over this type of flower arrangement. It can be placed anywhere to catch the attention of the customer. Usually it is placed in a hotel lobby to intrigue the guests. This type of flower arrangement breeds curiosity in flowers.

Simplistic design

A Fan shaped arrangement is something that is used for minimal decoration. You do not even notice it sometimes. And that is the purpose of such an arrangement. Its purpose is to make a place look classy and still not over the top. It is a kind of arrangement that goes unnoticed. It suits a lot of occasions where simple and minimal decorations are needed.