Fantastic flowers for any beautiful occasion!

By | December 14, 2012

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet”. Flowers as we know are the most gorgeous product on the earth. They themselves have such a character, aura and personality that each bloom whispers to us with a distinctive fragrance, color and form. They just draw us into the fragrance, texture and beauty like the sirens in Greek mythology, lure us into getting a closer experience of the joy, they hold within.

Flowers have always shown their mystique powers from ancient days. Be it in beauty, medicine, love or mere joy. Fossil evidence has shown that roses existed since prehistoric times. The first cultivated roses appeared in Asian gardens more than 5,000 years ago!! Woo! And, each flower has its own story to revive!! Isn’t it interesting!! Red roses say I love you, whereas deep red ones signify unconscious beauty. White ones are inclined for spirituality, purity and for happy love, lavenders mean love at first sight, yellow discovers joy and gladness!! Light pink imply grace, administration and the pale ones signify friendship!! How this each flower holds within it the emotion refrained is in itself alluring and surprising!!

Flowers have their role to play in all phases of human life be it in happiness or sorrows. Expressing emotions through flowers has been a sweet gesture. Sending sentiments of sympathy for a loved one who is experiencing a loss by flowers, or be it the nervous bride selecting the perfect combination of flowers for her dream wedding or to show care and affection to your beloved or your elders the respect they deserve, flowers have been the choice!!! Someone said it right-bread feeds the body, indeed but flowers also feed the soul.

Celebration times

The good times like Christmas Eve or New Year, how can an occasion be complete without angels of beauty sent through to make occasions blissful. The gorgeous Christmas flowers like roses and amaryllis make great Christmas gifts for mommy dear, grand mom and friends. Also, Easter is associated with memories of parades, family gatherings, church services, chocolate bunnies, gift baskets, egg decorating, and the famous Easter lily. They are very popular for Easter gifts, and their unique trumpet shaped blossoms symbolize life, purity, hope, and the spiritual meaning of Easter along with the promise of spring.

New Year Eve holds lots of enjoyment and fun, but as soon as clock ring the bell, wishes pour in. They can never be complete without the right choices of flowers. There are ample of varieties of gifting ideas, but flowers stand top. They are purest form of gifts people giving and receiving will really feel happy and sound.