Bhai Dooj – Reflection of Brother-Sister Love

By | November 16, 2012

Diwali is the one of the important Hindu festivals. Advanced preparations are done to avoid last minute hurry. Shopping, sweet preparations and gifts are planned well in advance. Houses are cleaned to welcome the wealth goddess, Lakshmi. Colorful rangoli adorns the yard with beautiful rows of lamps in every house.

Delightful delicacies are the main part of the festival. The lady of the house looks after the preparations under her observation. Diwali festival is enjoyed for 4 to 5 days and the celebrations are in full swing on all these days.    

Almost all the rituals and festivals of Hindus revolve around the family relationship and bonding. Though, all the relationship on this earth has its own importance, the relationship of sister and brother is unmatched and unique. The Hindu culture thus, manifests the glory and greatness of this bond in the form of Bhai Dooj celebration.

Festival called, Bhai Dooj:

The festival of light, Diwali is celebrated for five days and the last or the fifth day is celebrated as Bhai Dooj.  This day has its own significance and starts on the Diwali festival’s second day, i.e., the day of Dooj. This day is dedicated to the bonds between sister and brother, wherein sister prays for long life and prosperity of her brother.

The reason of celebrating this day dates back when the death god, Yam raj, visited his sister, Yami’s place after a long-time. His sister was very delighted on his visit and applied tilak, a fortunate mark on Yama’s forehead for the well-being of her brother. Later, she made delicious meal and had it with her brother Yama, which pleased him a lot and he announced that on the day of dooj every year, when a sister applies the auspicious tilak on the forehead of her brother, nobody can harm the brother. Hence, until now the tradition is being followed and sister performs pooja for her brother’s long life and safety.

In another adaptation, when Lord Krishna went to his sister, Subhadra’s house after killing the king of Asuras, he was welcomed in traditional way of applying tilak and arti. Thus, in both the description sister prays for her brother’s welfare and the Diwali festival is unfinished without the celebration of Bhai Dooj.

The Tradition of Bhai Dooj:

On the base of the mythological thought, the Bhai Dooj festival is observed to reflect the implication of varied cultures in different regions of India. In almost all cultures, this festival helps in bringing prosperity and family close to each other.  It is renowned by many names throughout the country with the same significance.

This is the golden day for the women to break the routine of her daily duties and join her siblings and parents. Bhai Dooj, a pious relationship of sister and brother, is also a chance to strengthen their bonds further.

Ceremony of Bhai Dooj

All the customs and rituals of Bhai Dooj are done in the pooja room on the decorated platform of Diwali puja. Pooja thali is decorated by sisters with sweets, roli, rice, batashas and coconut. Puja lamp is lit before the ritual is performed.  When the main pooja is finished, sister applies tilak on brother’s forehead and gives him the eatables with coconut.

Later, brother gift their dear sisters with various beautiful gifts of her choice or jewel, clothes, utensils, etc.

Bhai Dooj Gifts

As the time has passed and we have come in the 21st century, though traditions and customs have not changed, but the idea of giving gifts has changed. Gifts have taken forms, such as e-greetings, emails, chocolates, cakes, gift hampers and cell phones with the same emotion and feeling.  The festival is rejuvenating and revealing the undying love of sister and brother.

If brothers are staying overseas, they can send fresh flowers and online gifts to sisters. Chocolates, pooja thalis, pooja thali sets, jewelry and many other options can be searched in the websites, which offer special discounts on the special day.

You can have the best option for payment of these online gifts too. The gifts are delivered the same day and you can pre-order the gift, which is sent on the prescribed date.

Like brothers, sisters can also exchange gifts received from their brothers and give them gifts. There are many choices of gifts, such as, cakes, chocolates, gift hampers, watches, etc. These gifts are precious and invaluable in front of sister and brother love. There are many gifts loaded in market especially for the Bhai Dooj.

Main spirit of this festival of Bhai Dooj is to make the bond between sisters and brothers stronger. It is the perfect day for giving gift, delicious meals and understanding the depths of each other’s heart filled with love and care.