Flora And Designer Basket Arrangements

Popular to all The triangular shape arrangement is a very popular arrangement that you will find in most of the functions you visit. When the flowers are arranged in a triangular fashion they look very appealing. They are placed on the buffet table or in the side station. This type of arrangement is found commonly […]

The easiest way to buy flowers

Traditionally people used to go to large flower markets to buy flowers. There were and still are many huge flower markets where large scale exports of flowers to different places takes place. But now this trend has changed a bit. One need not necessarily go to a flower market to buy flowers. They have a […]

Fantastic flowers for any beautiful occasion!

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet”. Flowers as we know are the most gorgeous product on the earth. They themselves have such a character, aura and personality that each bloom whispers to us with a distinctive fragrance, color and form. They just draw […]

The Sacred Festival – Guru Nanak Jayanthi

Guru Nanak Jayanthi is a very famous festival in India, which marks the birthday of Guru Nanak that is the first Guru of the Sikhs. Hence, this festival is very special among Sikhs. However, the festival is celebrated equally by all the followers of Guru Nanak. Know more about Sikh Gurus: The celebrations among Sikhs […]

Bhai Dooj – Reflection of Brother-Sister Love

Diwali is the one of the important Hindu festivals. Advanced preparations are done to avoid last minute hurry. Shopping, sweet preparations and gifts are planned well in advance. Houses are cleaned to welcome the wealth goddess, Lakshmi. Colorful rangoli adorns the yard with beautiful rows of lamps in every house. Delightful delicacies are the main […]

Flowers and birds form an inseparable duo

The relationships between birds and flowers have derived from ages and they form an inseparable duo.  Flowers are the most distinct creation of nature and rightly so because of the variation in spectrum they exhibit. Flowers are built to possess fragrances, colors, textures and shapes. The very basic objective behind a flower looking attractive is […]

Shopping Flowers Online: Easy and Convenient

The delicate and beautiful flowers are everybody’s favorite. The glance of them fills our heart with happiness and freshness. People love giving flowers as gift for someone they love. The recipient of the flowers also feels excellent while receiving them. You can either gift a single flower or a bouquet full of different kinds of […]

Flowers make life colorful

5H24ZQ7WYNRD It’s been a tradition since olden times to use flowers to express feelings and deliver messages.  Language of flowers is very powerful. It means differently for different occasions. Each color symbolizes different feelings and also based upon the pattern of flowers, the message changes. Lots of research does convey the message that flowers spread […]

Growing up with Flowers Every Day

Gardening is a great way to inculcate love and respect for nature in children. Children learn the best when they do things themselves. They discover a whole new world in the garden – a world, which has colourful flowers, different fruits and birds and bees, which come to garden. Be it the process of germination […]

Where do we get flowers – Every Day Flowers

Where do we get flowers? Flower Shops: You can find various flower shops in Dehradun in each and every corner of city. As more and more people are becoming conscious of gifting flowers, these shops can be traced anywhere, such as malls, multiplexes, gift shops, etc. Adding a touch of small gifts along with the […]